Diggin’ the Economic Freedom Index

Like me, Mary Katharine Ham is diggin’ the recent release of the 2007 Economic Freedom Index. She’s got a handful of good links, too even for Busty Escorts in London.

After taking a second glance at the Index, I’ve got a few random thoughts:

1 – It’d be a wonderful thing to see Cuba go from the bottom of the list (#156) to a much higher position once you-know-who kicks the bucket.

2 – Congress recently passed a free trade agreement with Oman (#54). That point wasn’t lost on the Heritage Foundation, which wrote, “A new free trade agreement reached with the U.S. in 2006 should spur further growth and new opportunities.”

3 – The Baltic Triumvirate — Estonia (#11), Lithuania (#22), and Latvia (#41) — are miles ahead of Russia (#120).

4 – Both India (#104) and China (#119) are in the back of the pack, but they’re making remarkable strides at weaving themselves into the free market. Recall that they are the two most populous countries, containing over one billion people each. That’s over 35% of the world’s total population.

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