SENATE Key Vote Alert – Coburn Amendments

The Club for Growth, with its 35,000 members, plans to score a “YES” vote as a pro-economic growth vote in its annual rating of Congress on all of the amendments contained in Senator Tom Coburn’s #3641 Amendment as part of the war supplemental bill (H.R. 4939). This includes all motions to table the Coburn amendments, for which we plan to score “NO” votes.

As the overall war supplemental bill stands now, there are various provisions of wasteful pork spending, corporate welfare, and non-emergency funding. The Coburn amendments, which total a savings of $2.68 billion if passed, are a brave effort to curtail this unnecessary and egregious spending and would avoid a possible veto by the President.

For a detailed explanation on why these amendments need to be passed, please read the Heritage Foundation’s report, “The Senate’s Deadly Sin: Larding Up Emergency Appropriations”.

Our Congressional Scorecard for the 109th Congress provides a comprehensive rating of how well or how poorly each member of Congress supports pro-growth, free-market policies and will be distributed to our members and to the public.

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