This is one of the cities in the world that bears many titles.It’s always interesting how some people can reference it in a different way and everyone gets confused. Titles and nicknames are important in helping people to know the community and crucially attracts people to the New York community. Some of the nicknames of New York include The Big Apple, the Capital of the World, the Center of the Universe and the Melting point.

New Amsterdam (alternative name) is a city found in the North Eastern part of the United States next to a natural harbor in the North American continent.

It has a total of 5 boroughs or in another language, states, and an estimated population of 8,537,000. This makes it the fourth in the list of the most populated cities in the United States has more than half of its region being metropolitan. A large part of its population practices Christianity though there are several other religious sects such as the Muslims and Buddhist. Their main language is English but a good percentage also speak Spanish.

Main attractions
This is one of the most urbanized cities in the United States having many famous buildings and features which have attracted countless numbers of international tourists. The statue of Liberty is one of them, in fact, it is an iconic representation of New York. It was built back in 1895 by a French anti-slavery activist by the name Edouard de Laboulaye, to symbolize the tie between America and France as well as the independence of United States. The popular Brooklyn Bridge is one of the sites you cannot miss to visit when you get to London. It is one of the longest bridges in the world, having been built back in 1870 it has served the state for a good while. A stop by at the central park would be another thrilling adventure, having quite a number of spectacular sites in it, both and human art. Last but not least, is the Empire State Building, a 102-storey skyscraper, being the second tallest building in the world, is worth giving some attention.

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