Brilliant Profile on Tom Coburn

GQ Magazine has a lengthy, but thoroughly entertaining, profile on Senator Tom Coburn, who was elected with Club member support back in 2004. Within the article are several “Coburn Originals”, including this gem about his time in Washington:

The waste I saw every day was incredible,” he said. “Most of our politicians don’t have high self-esteem, so they have to have people doing things for them all the time, telling them how great they are. The system is broken, and the only way it gets fixed is by throwing the vast majority of the incumbents out. One of the greatest things I saw in six years was Arlen Specter and Tom Harkin—this just shows you how callous and brassed these guys are—introducing a bill on the floor naming institutions that already had names, naming them after themselves! I would tell you, in Arlen Specter’s case he’s done a great disservice to the nation. Also Robert Byrd—he knows exactly how to rape the U.S. Treasury and mortgage the future. It’s sad. There are two kinds of members, with two different lifestyles. There’s the guys that come home every weekend, fly in Monday or Tuesday morning for the week, and live a real life in their district the rest of the time. And then there’s the guys that live in Washington. I spent one weekend there in six years, and I don’t ever want to spend another one.

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